Friday, March 09, 2012

Sunset at Kits Beach

I'm not really a water dog...

Sunset at Kits Beach

but mommy throw something good around here...
so sniff, sniff, sniff...
sniff, sniff, sniff...

Purply Pink Puppy

I cannot find it!!!
Don't just take pictures of me but help me find it!!!

Well, you might think those pictures are very nice
but the story behind them is always like this!

1st photo was for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 124. 3/3 "Water, Water, Everywhere"
Take a photo of your dog that features water in some form today.

2nd photo was for...
Take a picture with pastel colors today!

Location : Hadden Park (Kits Beach Area)


  1. Hi Kaiser! I was sniffing around the Saturday Blog Hop and found you! What great pics at the beach and I go in about as deep as you do. I live at the ocean in the summer months and chase those water waves back out where they should be. Problem is they chase me too!

  2. Wow! Lovely photos!! We live in the desert and although the sky can be pretty here, it's the sky and water together that make a photo. Cute pup, too!!! We're going to follow along! Bark on by at Brando and Bogart....we got a new puppy!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. Love how the sunset is reflected on the sand.