Friday, March 02, 2012

Feeling Red

Woofles And Meowz

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 111. 2/19 "Local Interest"
Take a picture of your dog at a point of local interest near you.
Note that local can be some place that you visit near you,
and that it doesn't have to be a huge monument.
It can be something quirky or fun that's unique to your area.

Granville Island is one of the touristy places here in Vancouver that we can walk to.
It's actually a peninsula and it has artistic shops, restaurants,
a public market, a kids market, a local beer brewery etc.
Among all the attractive small joints,
Kaiser's favorite is this small pet store called "Woofles And Meowz".
They have very fancy handmade treats freshly baked at the store.
When we got there, the store was filled with a sweet aroma of the cranberry cookies which just came out of the oven!
Sure I got a couple for Kaiser for being a cute model!

Granville Island 
Granville Island Web Page
Woofles & Meowz Web Page

We have these red pictures too!

It's Monday again, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer from the blues.
Take a picture with your dog that features some red and cheer up!
We're one day closer to the next weekend.

We found this huge red shutter at the fire station in our neighborhood.
The colour was so vivid and gorgeous. It must be newly painted.
Luckily, a fire truck was parked just in front of the building so...

 Fire Truck and Kaiser

we took a picture!
Kaiser will be happy to become a local firehouse dog!

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