Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting Face

Mommy, mommy,
I'm waiting for you...
Turn off the computer and play with me...

Waiting for Mommy
Illustrate the idea of connection in a photograph of your dog today! 

Mommy, mommy,
I'm waiting for you...
Stop taking pictures and let me play with this new toy!
Aren't You Done Yet?

Our dogs all give us "those" looks
-- the ones that say so much about how they're feeling and often reduce us to mush. Capture one of your favorite expressions your dog gives today! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nose Job !?

Heart Shaped Cookie on the Heart Shaped Nose!

 Heart Shaped Cookie on the Heart Shaped Nose

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 116. 2/24 "The Nose Knows"
 Show us those adorable noses! You can make it artsy or sweet,
just feature those noses today!

I'm very good at balancing tricks!
Mommy was holding my chin to show the heart shaped cookie and my nose
but I really didn't need her support to balance the cookie on my nose.

Say OK!

I can do this!!!
 So say OK now!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kaiser's Ways to Get Around the City

On the Bus

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 115. 2/23 "Seeing Things Differently"
Try taking a picture from a perspective that you don't normally use today!

 As an urban dog Kaiser uses public transportation to get around the city
and this is how he travels.
Today we took a bus to go to one of the dog parks rather far from our place.
He's very quiet and people usually think that we're just dragging a suitcase.
After a while some people notice that we actually have a dog in it.
They loooooove looking at and talking about this little guy in a carry bag.
From inside of the bag he's seeing things differently for sure!

 And this is another way...

BBB - Beagle in a Bicycle Basket

Kaiser has been trained to sit in a bicycle basket since he was 2 month-old.
We go everywhere like this and get tons of attention!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Every Dog is a Smart Dog

Smart Dogs Magazine

This photo was taken for...
Take a picture of your dog that you'd see on the cover of a magazine.
If you are so inclined, you can create your own magazine cover, too,
but the photo is all you have to take.
It can be Footloose Fido or Canine Couture, just have fun with it!

So that's why my face is on the cover.
Did you think it was a real one?
Ha ha ha! I tricked you!


Who agrees with this???

My New Toys!

My new bear...

Our dogs all like to get rewarded in some way,
what is your dog's idea of what his or her "just desserts" are?

I love chewing and destroying stuffies!
 I've got this bear 'cause I've been a very good boy at the shampoo time! 

Chew Chew Time

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 110. 2/18 "Saturday"
Show us how you and your dog spent your Saturday! 

This one is fun too!
I love both of my new toys! bear lost his eyes and nose so it's not new anymore...
But still chewable!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where Do You Want Your Extra Eyes?

Watch My Back While I'm Sleeping... 
 Watch My Back While I'm Sleeping
This photo was taken for...
 Take a photo of your dog today that makes us laugh!

Dogs' eyes say so much more than their mouths...

  Eyes Say More 
"Yup, really."

As you can see, those extra eyes were from one of the stuffies Kaiser had...
If you could have a couple of extra eyes, where do you want them??? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look at My Drawing!

Look at My Drawing!

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 98. 2/6 "Three Things"
Incorporate these three things in a photograph with your dog
-- a pillow, something green and something made of wood.

Our little artist is still working on his masterpiece ; )

Drawing Time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine!

So it's Valentine's Day today!
Well, it's almost over but...
I'll show you a couple of sweet picutres!
  My Littlest Sweetheart 
This photo was taken for...
 Valentine's Day is almost here. Regardless of whether you have a human Valentine, your dog will always love you. Take a picture that celebrates that fact today. 

And this one was taken just an hour ago...

Be Mine! 
 This photo was taken for...
It's Valentine's Day, so show us what it means to you. You can be sweet, simple or silly, just show us some love!  

Kaiser is saying "Be mine!" but to who???
Who's the lucky girl???

Well, I'm just guessing he's asking those treats in front of him to be his!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shadow Play

Kaiser and I

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 97. 2/5 "Shadow Play"
 Capture your dog's shadow today! Have fun with it and be creative if need be! :)

The daylight hours are slowly getting longer but it's still rainy here in Vancouver.
We cherish the day like this and wish spring would come soon.

BTW, don't you think Kaiser's shadow in this picture looks like a labrador?
Ha ha ha!

Speaking of shadows, this one is my favorite...

Kaiser the Jumping Dog

This was taken in 2007. Kaiser was still 1 year-old.
I love his facial expression!
His shadow here looks like a boxer in a fighting pose!
I just wish our shadows were not in the picture...
Or maybe we should've posed like a boxer fighting against Kaiser and a referee ; )

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kaiser's B-Day Cake Collection (Age1-6)

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 96. 2/4 "Time Passes"
 Use your dog to take a photo that illustrates the passing of time today.

 Every year on Nov. 16th, I make a birthday cake for Kaiser.
These are his cake collections.
I enjoy making his B-Day cake and he loves it too!
I've made 6 of them so far and will make more and more for years to come!

Eating a whole cake was Kaiser's birthday tradition.
Of course the next meal was very simple and small.
He became super happy after finishing the cake
but at the same time too full to move around!

From 6th birthday, we decided to give him 1/3 at a time.
He's still super healthy but slowly getting old
so we thought it was better for his digestion.

I wish I could start a doggy bakery but because it's once-a-year thing,
I can cherish the time making each one of them.

Kaiser's BD Cakes (Age 1-6)

These cakes are not so hard to make esp. you don't need to worry about the taste!
For someone who's interested in making a doggy B-Day cake...
These cakes are made of three parts:

1. Meatloaf
Mainly beef but you can mix it with other kinds of meat like chicken or pork etc., some veggies, egg, oatmeal.
Blend all in a food processor, put in a pan and bake at 200C/400F for about 25 minutes.
I prefer using stewing beef rather than ground beef
because ground beef is usually too greasy and your cake will shrink.

2. Mashed potatoes
I use flakes and mix with fruit/veggie juice for colouring.
When you use juice, read the label and make sure it does not contain grapes.
It's easy to see if all the mixed fruit juice packages have pictures of the fruits inside.
I found some cranberry juice packages just show cranberries but they actually contain grapes and other fruits.

3. Toppings
Veggies, fruits, jelly, cookies whatever your doggy likes!
For the 6 year-old B-Day cake I made jelly with fruit juice and gelatin.

These cakes are salt, sugar and flour free!

IMG_0974 (448x299)
Love this idea? Then make one for your pooch!
I'm sure everybody loves it!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Purple Wall

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 94. 2/2 "95. 2/3 "Purple Haze""
 Take a photo that features the color purple today!

 This is the outside of the chocolate shop chain called Purdy's near our place. 
(maybe Canadian?) 
Purple is their brand color and I rememberd this wall!
 Luckly this wall had a small pit for Kaiser to sit!
  He was staring at me or the cookie I was holding most of the time but only for a few seconds he looked away. 
And that made a good shot.
 I don't know what he was looking at in this picture 
but he soon looked at me for some treats!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My World Starts Here!

My World Starts Here! 

This photo was taken for... 
Daily Dog Challenge - 94. 2/2 "Front and Center"
Make a photograph with a central point of focus today.
Don't forget the aww factor that dogs bring to a picture!

My nose is my second brain!
I can tell who's hiding some treats in a pocket!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Our Little Kaiser Buns

Our Little Kaiser Buns! 

This photo was taken for...
Take a picture that tells us something about your dog's name or how he or she got it today. Feel free to embellish or add something creative into the mix!

Kaiser means Emperor in German. It's such a big name for a small dog.
But just like Yoda said, size matters not!
When we named our 2 month-old puppy Kaiser, the image of Kaiser buns also came across. They've both got black, brown and white! The way Kaiser curls up himself when he's sleeping looks also like a farm round Kaiser bun! And again, both taste good!
Unfortunatelly, we don't see Kaiser buns with poppy seeds, which give the black color, around our area so I needed to make one for this challenge! It's a slider size.

So I made a midnight snack for ourselves with Kaiser buns last night...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich for Us 
 Poor looking Kaiser... 
OK, OK, wait till I finish this!
And he waited, waited, waited.......till next morning...

And I made this...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich on Kaiser 

"What's the..."

Kaiser bun sandwich for Kaiser!
BBQ chicken...but centre pieces with less seasoning..., tomato and lettuce.
Oh then carrot on top!
Sorry, no cheese! It'll be too salty for you!

Well, He certainly has a great balance!
Though he dosen't look so happy...

Let me try another shot...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich for Kaiser 

Oh, so lovely!!!
Good job, Kaiser buns!

After this, he finally enjoyed his sandwich!
It's such a great start to the weekend! 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Black and White Portrait

Black and White Portrait 
 This photo was taken for...
 What's a photograph you've wanted to make for a while but haven't for some reason? Shoot it today!