Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is Coming

It's still chilly and I wear scarf and gloves
but spring is slowly coming!

The sidewalk is dressed up a bit and cherry blossoms are starting to bloom!

Cherry Blossom on Kaiser

And hey, it was almost 7 pm 
and I could still take photos outside with no flashlight! Lovely!

 Gotta Jump Up High!

Oh do you wonder what Kaiser is doing in this picture?
Well, I put a piece of cookie on the tree 
and Kaiser needed to jump high to get it! 
Can you see where the cookie is??? 
After several tries, he's got it!


  1. Great photos of Kaiser! He must be a great jumper to get that cookie!

  2. How beautiful that first picture is with all the crocus lining the sidewalk!!

  3. Great photos. I am happy spring is back!

  4. Those flowers are amazing! haha we thought Kaiser was on squirrel patrol but food is more attractive to us beagles!

    love & wags,