Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shadow Play

Kaiser and I

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 97. 2/5 "Shadow Play"
 Capture your dog's shadow today! Have fun with it and be creative if need be! :)

The daylight hours are slowly getting longer but it's still rainy here in Vancouver.
We cherish the day like this and wish spring would come soon.

BTW, don't you think Kaiser's shadow in this picture looks like a labrador?
Ha ha ha!

Speaking of shadows, this one is my favorite...

Kaiser the Jumping Dog

This was taken in 2007. Kaiser was still 1 year-old.
I love his facial expression!
His shadow here looks like a boxer in a fighting pose!
I just wish our shadows were not in the picture...
Or maybe we should've posed like a boxer fighting against Kaiser and a referee ; )


  1. Got here through the blog hop and glad I did - Beagles are the BEST ( don't tell my Coonhounds). Your photos are terrific, esp the purple wall one. See you later!

    1. Thank you for hopping by! Kaiser is my first dog and I'm very happy to know how great beagles are!
      I'll go visit your page later!

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