Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine!

So it's Valentine's Day today!
Well, it's almost over but...
I'll show you a couple of sweet picutres!
  My Littlest Sweetheart 
This photo was taken for...
 Valentine's Day is almost here. Regardless of whether you have a human Valentine, your dog will always love you. Take a picture that celebrates that fact today. 

And this one was taken just an hour ago...

Be Mine! 
 This photo was taken for...
It's Valentine's Day, so show us what it means to you. You can be sweet, simple or silly, just show us some love!  

Kaiser is saying "Be mine!" but to who???
Who's the lucky girl???

Well, I'm just guessing he's asking those treats in front of him to be his!


  1. Kaiser we bet you made some lucky girl a wonderful Valentine's date!

    1. He actually finished yogurt by himself and had a great Valentine's day!