Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kaiser's Ways to Get Around the City

On the Bus

This photo was taken for...
Daily Dog Challenge - 115. 2/23 "Seeing Things Differently"
Try taking a picture from a perspective that you don't normally use today!

 As an urban dog Kaiser uses public transportation to get around the city
and this is how he travels.
Today we took a bus to go to one of the dog parks rather far from our place.
He's very quiet and people usually think that we're just dragging a suitcase.
After a while some people notice that we actually have a dog in it.
They loooooove looking at and talking about this little guy in a carry bag.
From inside of the bag he's seeing things differently for sure!

 And this is another way...

BBB - Beagle in a Bicycle Basket

Kaiser has been trained to sit in a bicycle basket since he was 2 month-old.
We go everywhere like this and get tons of attention!


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