Saturday, February 04, 2012

Our Little Kaiser Buns

Our Little Kaiser Buns! 

This photo was taken for...
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Kaiser means Emperor in German. It's such a big name for a small dog.
But just like Yoda said, size matters not!
When we named our 2 month-old puppy Kaiser, the image of Kaiser buns also came across. They've both got black, brown and white! The way Kaiser curls up himself when he's sleeping looks also like a farm round Kaiser bun! And again, both taste good!
Unfortunatelly, we don't see Kaiser buns with poppy seeds, which give the black color, around our area so I needed to make one for this challenge! It's a slider size.

So I made a midnight snack for ourselves with Kaiser buns last night...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich for Us 
 Poor looking Kaiser... 
OK, OK, wait till I finish this!
And he waited, waited, waited.......till next morning...

And I made this...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich on Kaiser 

"What's the..."

Kaiser bun sandwich for Kaiser!
BBQ chicken...but centre pieces with less seasoning..., tomato and lettuce.
Oh then carrot on top!
Sorry, no cheese! It'll be too salty for you!

Well, He certainly has a great balance!
Though he dosen't look so happy...

Let me try another shot...

Kaiser Bun Sandwich for Kaiser 

Oh, so lovely!!!
Good job, Kaiser buns!

After this, he finally enjoyed his sandwich!
It's such a great start to the weekend! 


  1. Nice to meet you, Kaiser! We are glad we discovered your blog on today's hop!

    1. Thank you for hopping by, Tucker! I'll go visit your page later!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Both of Kaiser buns are very yummy!