Sunday, November 18, 2012

7th Birthday!

I turned 7 on Friday!
Mommy made a cake for me and I've got lots of new friends!

Kaiser's 7th Birthday

Mommy also drew me a birthday card!

She says I'm a 84-month-old puppy ; ) 
I promise I'll stay cute forever! 

Kaiser's Birthday Cake - 7

I love my cake!!!

Eating Birthday Cake

Very meaty and yum yum!

OK, I'm full now...let's play!!!

Partying with New Toys

Mmmmm...which one do I like???

Love My New Bear! 

Black bear!!!
Small Toy for Chewing

And the small lion for chewing!

Fun fun fun with lots of toys!!!

3 hours later...

Sweet Dreams with New Bear

Sweet sweet dreams...

*** From Kaiser's Mom ***
Click HERE for a healthy doggy B-Day cake recipe!
I'm thinking to create backdate posts for May-Oct pictures.
I'll post Halloween ones soon!